Alison Beth Hammond was born October 6, 1971 in White Planes, New York. After moving to Madison, New Jersey in 1971 the family moved to Wilton, Connecticut in 1975 where Alison attended the Wilton School. Upon Graduation she attended Cornell, graduating with a degree in Policy Analysis.

Her summer job was with Vecter, the sponsor of CUTCO knives. While at a conference gearing up for the summer selling season; she happened to sit next to a cute guy who was taking post graduate classes at Brown University in order to take the MCATS. So from a lucky seat next to John (Jay) Gerald McMahon the romance began.

Jay went on to Temple Medical while Alison got her master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

After graduation, Alison worked for MBAT or mayors business Action Team headed up by Mayor Rendell. That led to a position with Deloitte Touche’ as senior consultant in strategy.

Currently they live in Midlothian, Virginia where Jay has set up a private practice in Podiatry and Alison works full time from home for Deloitte.

They have a drawer full of Cutco Knives!!!

Their family: Alina Paige born August 5, 2003 and William Luke born February 22, 2006.
Alison Beth Hammod McMahon & Jay
Alison 7 Years Old
Alison 10 Years Old
Alina Paige
Luke William
Dr. & Mrs. McMahon
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