Susan Linda Johnstone
1947 - 1975

Susan Linda Johnstone was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan shortly thereafter her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  After her father's premature death in 1955 her mother returned the family to Erie Pennsylvania where she resided in Lawrence Park. 


As a child Susan was very interested in becoming a pilot.  As an employee of the General Electric she was quoted as saying: “Since I was about five, I wanted to be a commercial pilot, but as I got older I figured a girl won’t be accepted so I decided that if I could not fly them, I’d build them.  This is why I took up aerospace engineering in college”. 


Susan graduated from Boston University with BS degrees in both mechanical and aerospace engineering.  As you can see from the “GE personality Profile” on this page she indeed did become an Aerospace Engineer, employed by G.E.


In 1975 at the age of 28 Susan was murdered by a dejected former fiancé’ and the world lost a women who was beautiful, fun loving and a talented professional engineer. As I write this I can not help but wonder how Susan may have changed the world.

Susan and Brother
Below Susan Looking Over A GE Turbine Engine
Unfortunately I never meet Susan until she graduated
from Boston University’s Engineering Schools … she came into our office needing car insurance … we had a great first meeting … you can always tell “blood is thicker than water” … fast forward several years 1973 … I was in Atlanta, Georgia with my Dad (George O. Loesel) attending the national Shrine Convention (I play with a bag pipe with the Zem Zem Pipes & Drums, that is why I was there) … I was on the elevator with several other band members when this “knockout” beautiful girl step aboard with us … she glanced at the base drum and said “my Mother lives in Erie” … although I had only met her once before it “clicked”, there stood Susan … from the back of the elevator I said I bet your Mother lives in Lawrence Park … a look of shock from Susan … than I said I bet she lives at 711 Crotty Drive … now I thought she was about to pass out … of course when I told her who I was it was a great family reunion … she got off the elevator with me to find my Dad, he was absolutely astonished and delighted … he was very fond of all the Baker girls … fast forward a day or two … the band was playing in the Atlanta Underground about 2:00 a.m. … and there appears Susan with as I recall the fellow she was visiting and was going to marry … she snuck up behind me and gave me a big kiss … of course the other band guys were green with envy ..Susan stayed and partied with us … we promised that we would stay in touch … it was only a short time later that she was murdered … I was very sad!!!!

Gib Loesel, Susan's Second Cousin
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