Mabel (Baldwin) Loesel
September 3, 1885 to
December 19, 1968
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Mabel Loesel Baldwin
In Her Home
Mabel Loesel Baldwin was the daughter of Michael Frederick Loesel
She was married to George Daniel Baldwin
She was an active golfer at the Kahkwa Club
She died in a fire at her home on West 6th Street in Erie, PA
Should be December 19, 1968
Story by Sally MacDonald Hammond, Grand Niece of Mabel

Mabel met a dashing young man, G. Daniel Baldwin who was hauling wood and building houes. They
were married in 1908 and traveled around the world on their honeymoon collecting furniture, rugs and art
for their new home which he was building for her on West 6th Street, Erie, PA.

Unfortunatley, no children came along, however his brother had several and told him he could have two of his
boys. Thus, J. Robert and Arthur Baldwin were adopted and went on to inherit Baldwin's building business.
After Mabel passed away in 1968 they recinded the rent discount where her favorite niece lived in a duplex on
West 6th Street.

Mabel was very generous and always said, " you will get the money now for she wanted you to enjoy it now, not
after I am dead".
Mabel Loesel Baldwin
On Her Wedding Day