Charles Frederick Loesel
1868 - 1958
Charles Frederick Loesel, was born in Erie, Pennsylvania on June 17, 1868. Some records show his middle name as Fredrick. He was also commonly know as C.F.. He married his first wife Mary Lois Baker (a/k/a Lou M) on April 24, 1890. After her death July 26, 1940 he married Dorotha Louise Burnett in 1941. Dorotha (as she was known) was the sister of CF's son George O. Loesel's mother-in-law, Julia J. (Burnett) White. (hee hee figure that one out)
   Charles and Lou M. had four children: Fred Michael Loesel, George Orville Loesel, Charles Gilbert Loesel and Agnes Eugenia Loesel. Gilbert and Agnes were twins. Dorotha and Charles did not have any children however Dorotha had several by her first marriage.
   He was very successful in business, please read the pages from a Erie County History book that are linked to this page.
Children Of Charles and Mary Lois:
Charles Gilbert Loesel 1898 - 1973
Agnes Eugenia Loesel 1898 - 1923
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