Betsy Ann Chatherine Loesel (Dunn)
1918 -
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Betsy Ann was born in Erie, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1918. After her mother and father were divorced she and her mother lived in Erie and later moved to Ohio. On October
10, 1942 she married Charles Melbern Dunn Jr., in San Antonio, Texas. They have
two children.
Children Of Betsy Ann and Charles:
Charles Melbern Dunn III 1946 -
Pamela Catherine Dunn (Gardner) 1952 -
Charles Melbern Dunn Jr.
1917 - 2009
Betsy Ann & Cynthia
Loesel (Taylor) First Cousins
about 1970 ?? taken in Hilton
Head, S.C.
Betsy Ann held by her Mother
Mary Uhler
This picture is one of a kind. There was two pictures taken in 2004. One with Cynthia, Jenny, Richard and
Gib at Ferncliff Beach. The pictures of Betsy was taken later and through the magic of the computer
the two were combined, even to the point that Betsy's clothes were changed from the original picture. When the picture below was taken Rich, Cy, Gib and Betsy had lunch together for the first time in their lives.
Five first cousins together at last!!
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Richard Loesel, Cynthia (Loesel) Taylor, Betsy Ann (Loesel) Dunn and
George Gilbert "Gib" Loesel Summer 2004 @ Erie Yacht Club
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