Lisetta "Setti" (Hausmann) Loesel
December 24, 1862 to March 22, 1943
At this point little is know about "Aunt Setti" other than she was a very nice women who married Henry Hausmann. They lived at 561 West 7th Street Erie, Pa. She and her husband Henry operated a Costume Shop at 117and 1/2 West 18th Street, Erie, PA. After their deaths the costume shop was operated by Jean C and Henry C Kirchner. It would be assumed that Jean was her granddaughter. I also believe her father Michael named Hausmann Court" for her. Hausmann Court was located between 18th & 19th Streets and French and Holland the entrance was off of 19th Street.

Her husband Henry died April 29, 1932 at this time his birthdate is unkown.
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Additional information about "SettI": She had a daughter EMMA, who married
a Dr. Kirshner, MD, they had three children, Marion; Jean and Henry.
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