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Ackerman, Clara - Niece
Ackerman, Emma - Niece
Ackerman, Fred - Nephew
Ackerman, George - Nephew
The names listed on this page are decedents of Michael Loesel, they have been taken from Gib Loesel’s genealogy program and there could be several that are missing, particularly in the 5th and 6th generation. Because it is a monster job to move the names to keep them alphabetized additions will be made as an addendum and marked as such. Once again any corrections or additions that are needed please email me. Happy Hunting.
Ackerman, Kate - Niece
Ackerman, Willbur - Nephew
Anstead, Mary Lavira - Wife of Grandson
Armstron, Cloila (Lila) - Wife of Grandson
Baker, Kathrine Emma - Granddaugther
Baker, Frank Loesel - Grandson
Baker, (MacDonald) Lois Margaret - Granddaughter
Baker, Mary Lois (a/k/a Lou) M - Daughter-in-law
Baker, (Johnstone) Ruth Mabel - Granddughter
Baker, Sarah Elizabeth - Great-granddaughter
Baker, William Robert - Son-in-law
Baldwin, Arthur - Grandson
Baldwin, Beth - Great-granddaughter
Baldwin, Bruce - Great-grandson
Baldwin, Chris - Great-grandson
Baldwin, George D. (a/k/a G. Daniel) - Son-in-law
Baldwin, Greg - Great-grandson
Baldwin, John - Great-grandson
Baldwin, Regina - Great-granddaughter
Baldwin, Robert - Grandson
Burnett, Dorotha Louise- Daughter-in-law
Belgie, Clayton James - Husband of 2nd great-granddaughter
Belgie, Hannah Katharine - 3rd great-granddaughter
Belgie, Hunter Kenneth - 3rd great-grandson
Bissondial, Nishi - Wife of 2nd great-grandson
Brock, J. Charles - Great-grandnephew
Burdick, Marjorie - Wife of grandson
Cook, Michelle Noreen - Wife of 2nd great-grandson
Day Husband of great-grandniece
Dunn, Alexander Armstrong - 3rd great-grandson
Dunn, Charles Melbern III - 2nd great-grandson
Dunn, Charles Milbern IV - 3rd great-grandson
Dunn, Charles Melbern, Jr. - Husband of great-granddaughter
Dunn, Pamela Catherine - 2nd great-granddaughter
Dwyer, Ruth - Wife of grandson
Gardner, Bradford Arthur - Husband of 2nd great-granddaughter
Gardner, Kimberly Catherine - 3rd great-granddaughter
Gardner, Ryan - 3rd great-grandson
Golka, Robert - Husband of great-granddaughter
Ham, Rose Karole - Wife of 2nd great-grandson
Hammond, Ashley Ross - 2nd great-granddaughter
Hammond, John William - Husband of great-granddaughter
Hausmann, Emma - Granddaughter
Hausmann, Henry - Son-in-law
Henderson, Jane - Wife of grandnephew
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Hutt - Husband of greaddaughter
Jacobi, Anna Maria - Wife
James, Opal Grace - Wife of Grandson
Johnson, Ingrid Fairbanks - 2nd great-granddaughter
Johnson, Jonathan Sven - 2nd great-grandson
Johnson, Lynn Gunnar - Ex-husband of great-granddaughter
Johnstone, Robert - Husband of granddaughter
Johnstone, Robert William - Great-grandson
Johnstone, Susan Linda - Great-granddaughter
Kennedy, Irene Louise - Wife of great-grandson
Kirshner, Doctor, MD - Husband of granddaughter
Kirshner, Henry - Great-granddaughter
Kirshner, Jean - Great-granddaughter
Kirshner, Marion - Great-granddaughter
Loesel, Agnes Eugenia - Granddaughter
Loesel, Amy Patricia (Mitchell) - 2nd great-granddaughter
Loesel, Anna M. - Daughter
Loesel, August - Son
Loesel, Charles Frederick - Son
Loesel, Charles Gilbert - Grandson
Loesel, Clara - Daughter
Loesel, David Kennedy - 2nd great-grandson
Loesel, Derek Carroll - 3rd great-grandson
Loesel, Donovan Kennedy - 3rd great-grandson
Loesel, Douglas Alan - 2nd great-grandson
Loesel, Eddie - Son
Loesel, George Orville - Grandson
Loesel, Ida Maude (Baker) - Daughter
Loesel, Jenny Lee (Lyttle) - Great-granddaughter
Loesel, Julie Marie - 3rd great-granddaughter
Loesel, Katie Marie - 3rd great-granddaughter
Loesel, Leigh Kennedy - 3rd great-grandson
Loesel, Lewis - Son
Loesel, Lisetta "Setti" (Hausmann) - Daughter
Loesel, Mabel (Baldwin) - Daughter
Loesel, Matthew Charles - 2nd great-grandson
Loesel, Maya Eisley - 3rd great-granddaughter
Loesel, Olivia Loren - 3rd great-granddaughter
Loesel, Otto - Son
Loesel, Richard Orville - Great-grandson
Loesel, Willie - Son
Loesel, Willie J. - Son
Lyttle, Christie Joseph "CJ" - Husband of great granddaughter
Mc Donald, John Arthure - Husband of granddaughter
Mc Donald, Sally Lou - Great-granddaughter
Madara, Maureen D. - Wife of 2nd great-grandson
McAllister, Marni Suzanne - Wife of 2nd great-grandson
McMahon, John Gerald - Husband of 2nd great-granddaughter
Mead, James - Husband of great-grandniece
Mitchell, Andrew Loesel - 3rd great-grandson
Mitchell, Kelsey Louise - 3rd great-granddaughter
Mitchell, Kent Wilson - Husband of 2nd great-granddaughter
Mitchell, Ryan Kent - 3rd great-grandson
Portman, Renee Claire - Wife of 2nd great-grandson
Schmid, Marian - Wife of grandnephew
Sheldon, Suzanne "Suzy" Louise - Wife of great-grandson
Smith, Joan "Jody" Marie - Wife of 2nd great-grandson
Taylor, James S. - Ex-husband of great-granddaughter
Taylor, James Snow, Jr. - 2nd great-grandson
Taylor, Mary Beth - 2nd great-granddaughter
Taylor, Tracey Elizebeth - 2nd great-granddaughter
Uhler, Mary Catherine - Ex-wife of grandson
Wehner, Henry - Husband of great-grandniece
Wheeler, John - Deceased husband of 2nd great-granddaughter
Zurn, Arloween - Grandniece
Zurn, David M. - Great-grandnephew
Zurn, Doug - 2nd great-grandnephew
Zurn, Eleanor J. - Great-grandniece
Zurn, Everett Frederick - Grandnephew
Zurn, Frank W. - Great-grandnephew
Zurn, Heidi - 2nd great-grandniece
Zurn, James A. - Great-grandnephew
Zurn, Jane - Great-grandniece
Zurn, John - Great-grandnephew
Zurn John V. - Husband of niece
Zurn, Karen - 2nd great-grandniece
Zurn, Lisa - 2nd great-grandniece
Zurn, Melvin - Grandnephew
Zurn, Peter - 2nd great-grandnephew
Zurn, Roger - Great-grandnephew
Zurn, Sally E. - Great-grandniece
Zurn, Susan C. - Great-grandniece
Hammond, Alison Beth - 2nd great-granddaughter
Anstead, Martin Luther Jr. - Father of Grandson's Wife
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Loesel, Fred Michael - Grandson
Loesel, Betsy Ann Catherine (Dunn)- Great-Granddaughter
Loesel, Cynthia Jane (Taylor) - Great-Granddaughter
Loesel, George Gilbert - Great Grandson